About Prāṇa

Our relationships - with ourselves, with others, with ideologies and with external elements shape our lives. They envelope us and give us the impetus to forge and reforge who we are. With so many things vying for our attention, to improve the quality of these relationships requires more deliberate effort than ever before.

If we are to combat the ignorance that stems from disconnection with each other and our planet, we need practices that can kindle a new sense of community stemming from individual growth.

Prana explores personal wellbeing through the idea of Universal Wellness that is rooted in the introspection of the shared experiences that connect all living beings. It is an acknowledgement that our ancestral legacy, our ecological systems, our interpersonal relationships, and our wider goals all need to be observed and understood in order to arrive at compassionate equanimity. We do this by facilitating introspective human experiences focused on Food, Fitness & Forest - three seemingly simple, but fundamental aspects of our lives that’s in rhythm with the whole world.

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Understanding the key building block of our lives, the rituals of producing to eventually having it.



The physical and psychological integrity that helps us look, feel and do our best.



A soulful discovery of the global Forest of vibrant cultures, traditions, and various art forms

Through phygital (physical + digital) experiences designed to engage all our innate human faculties, our Universal Wellness offerings take participants on journeys of self-discovery and personal growth facilitated by a network of practitioners who observe a relational being with their immediate environment, the communities they are part of, the society at large and planet Earth.