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Prana is a Universal Wellness initiative of Worldview

Worldview is a continuous education and lifelong learning platform with an overriding focus on building a Generation of Solvers. We believe that Empathy and Adaptive Capacities are key to being a Solver. We strive to build these capacities in individuals through a powerful problem-solving approach rooted in real-world social issues and engagements.

A holistic approach to Organisational Impact

Successful companies and organisations are the bedrock of stable economies. Their continued growth transforms the lives of everyone they touch. Now, as we face existential threats to our species and planet, these same organisations must arrive at a new understanding of impact that is in sync with the world we live in.

Worldview helps organisations reimagine their approach to impact with initiatives and activities that combine elements of community capacity building, social responsibility and global SDGs. We help our clients navigate the complex social and ecological realities we face with programs designed to deepen their connection with each other and the world at large.

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