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Aesthetics of Nourishment

Experiences of food

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The Golden Boulder

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 About the Experience 

"Time is the missing ingredient in our recipes- and in our lives. "

-Michael Pollan

Inter-generational stories move slowly, simmering in the underbelly of each generation until its ready to be passed on. Stories of food are among the most long-lived conversations across families. All families, have only to dig a few generations back to find ingenious wisdom of cooking up nutrition-rich meals with minimal ingredients, working them from scratch even! And also, of cultural rituals in plating up these meals and numerous memories made over the relishing of these meals.

As humans, there seems to be an innate tendency to be drawn by appearances, even in food- in picking of produce, cooking it and plating it! How could indulging in the aesthetics and censorial experience of food, be an experience in building mindful relationships with the food we make and consume?

Inviting you to a sensory experience- Aesthetics of Nourishment, exploring the multi-faceted experience of food in its aesthetics and in its ancestry!


Day 1

Arrival by 2:30 pm

Campus Orientation Getting familiar with the campus & the landscape.

Who is that Food! An interactive gathering to get-to-know one another.

Day 2

Ancestry of Recipes A guided sharing and conversation based on the pre-experience exercise.

Open-fire Cooking Experiential exploration of cooking in the outdoors and the aesthetics in earthy flavours and plating.

Matka Chai A relishing of chai made over a wood-fire in earthen ware, in company of ancient trees and glorious evening skies.

Reflection Circle A guided reflection and sharing of the experiences from the day, focused on mindfulness and sensorial experience of food.

Day 3

Eat with your Eyes A conversational exploration of the visual appeal of food, discovering our unique aesthetic sensibilities.

Cooking by Intuition A communal meal preparation, with a challenge of cooking with minimal ingredients, guided by our ancestral knowledge and intuition.

Sharing Circle A concluding circle, sharing experiences of the program and feedback, if any.

Departures 3:00 pm onwards

*subject to changes based on weather and other on-spot conditions.


Twin-sharing Tent*

INR 4800 per participant

Single Occupancy Tent

INR 6300 per participant

5% GST extra

  • Accommodation in 225sqft Ridge Tent
    The tent includes -

    • Standing fans, a chair and a table,

    • Plug-points for electronic devices,

    • Stand with hangers for your clothes.

  • Vegetarian Meals on all days 

    • Friday - Lunch, Tea & Snacks, Dinner​

    • Saturday - Breakfast, Picnic Box, Tea & Snacks, Dinner

    • Sunday - Breakfast, Lunch

Who is this Prana experience for?

Great experience for families - parents with young children; or anyone interested in understanding their food and consumption behaviours

*If you are an individual selecting the twin-sharing tent, you would be sharing the tent with another individual participant.

 The Golden Boulder 

The Golden Boulder is skirted by farms, hills & boulders, nature trails, Khilla Ghanpur (a 13th Century Fort), and is in close proximity to the Nallamala forest, Koilsagar Dam and Koilkonda Fort.  


Just 7 years back until 2014, 48-acres of this campus was a water-draining Sugarcane Farm. Since our acquisition, the Sugarcane Farming has been completely stopped. With over 8000 trees planted,  this farm-campus is transitioning into a forest-campus with a thriving ecosystem of birds, insects, indigenous trees, fruit plantations and mindful human habitation.  


This thriving habitat forms an ideal location for the Prana Experiences.  

Address -

Khilla Ghanpur Mandal, Shapur Village,

Wanaparthy, Telangana 509103

 Things to bring 
  1. A Photo ID recognised by the Government of India

  2. A COVID-19 negative RTPCR report 24 hrs ahead of your check-in is mandatory.

  3. Rain Jacket

  4. Comfortable clothing

  5. Torch Light

  6. Any medication you might be using

  7. Toiletries (towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste)

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