Image by David Clode

Banyan Tree
stories of resilience

An introspective exploration of the human response to challenges and setbacks through ecological connection and human communion.

Image by Evie S.

knowing our roots

A self-exploratory endeavour to discover the layers of culture and community, tradition and arts that ground us, language that feeds our emotion and more.

Image by Steve Halama

Body & Earth
elements of existence

We don't just live on earth, we live with the earth. Our bodies engage and interact with the earth to nourish our mind, body and soul. Drawing meaning from ancient Vedic practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, Zen way of life, along with contemporary weight training and sports.

Image by Sebastian Unrau

Forest bathing

Borrowing from the Japanese practice of forest-bathing to explore and practice periodically tuning human senses and existence into the ways of wilderness and nature.

Image by Megan Thomas

Food Rituals
practices of nourishment

The food on our plate carries with it a story of recent and ancestral past- from the growing of food, processing, choice of ingredients in preparation, methods of preparation to consumption! What might these stories be and what does it tell us about our relationship with our primary source of nourishment- food.

Image by Minh Pham

Living & Work Spaces
intersection of life and space

An understanding of the human-landscape relationship while moving ever closer to creating a harmonious relationship between occupant and abode.